Electrical Vehicles are Now Available in Pakistan at Low Costs

Islamabad: The world is suffering from the threat of global warming and petroleum product prices are high too. Therefore the electric powered vehicles are the need of time, so that we reduce the risk of global warming and save the world from destruction and costs of consuming gasoline will also be be saved.

These electricity powered vehicles have already been introduced in the developed countries and now in Pakistan, some of the models of these vehicles are also launched. In Pakistan, these vehicles have been introduced by an American car company “Zar Motors” ( Zar Motors). The mini-cab and a loader vehicle are also included.

Zar Motors

“Zar minicab” is basically a 3-wheeled vehicle, which takes 2 hours to charge 80 percent of battery. Once its battery is full, it can travel 130 to 150 kilometers. It has a capacity of 4 persons, including the driver, and is far more comfortable than commonly found rickshaws in Pakistan. A price of Rs 2 lakh 40 thousand has been allocated to the vehicle in Pakistan.

“Zar Loader” is the replacement of vehicle Suzuki Carry boxes, it’s also a three-wheeled vehicle and is capable of taking the weight up to 750 kg. This price is two and a half lack. Both these cars are available in the market with warranty.