F-16 Sale Blocked to Pakistan US Senate

WASHINGTON: Us Senate has blocked the sale of F-16 to Pakistan on Thursday. They have blocked the sale of $700 million for the Lockheed fighter jets to Pakistan. Lawmaker was in number with 71 votes against the republican’s idea which is under the legislation known as Arms control act.

President Obama said that the deal is blocked because of the objection raised by India and some congress upon the supply of the fighter jets and the radars and the other equipment.

The republican named Paul has called Pakistan the uncertain ally and lawmakers have shown concern over the Pakistan’s nuclear program. And they support by saying that south Asian country needs to upgrade their air crafts to use them against terrorism.

Republicans senator Bob Corker has said that, he will use his powers to stop the use of US funds on this deal.

United states have seen Pakistan as their best ally in the war of terror and Pakistan has done some remarkable work against the terrorism, and they have supported Pakistan through funds, weapons ad also military. But United States is now having concern about the funds, that they are giving to Pakistan and they want answers about it.