It seems like Facebook has decided to leave its fans wondering what new trick it could have up its sleeve. It is expected that popular social media website Facebook will totally revamp its look for its users.

In the next few days, there will be a significant change in Facebook’s core features. The present news feed will be abolished and you will now be able to see multiple news feeds based on your interests and activities in addition to the present news feed, including sports feeds, style feeds and travel feeds among several others.

The new prototype was revealed on Tuesday through a Tweet by Windforce founder Jason Stein. According to Jason, Facebook would be introducing feeds based on the interests of its users, after which the Facebook newsfeed would be like a newspaper accumulating various newspapers from around the world. This idea was based on Facebook’s Paper app which categorizes user feeds into various categories.

One of the most interesting features of the new format would be the “Marketplace” feature through which users would be able to purchase items of interest through their newsfeeds with just a single click. It is also expected that Facebook will enhance its videos, photos and other categories.

Facebook to introduce a new look1

Facebook to introduce a new look 2