Famous Food Streets in Pakistan 2016 – Pakistanis are very passionate about food. There’s no bigger delight for Pakistani foodies than eating out from anywhere ranging from fine dining restaurants to push carts on the side of streets. Recently, food streets have gained a lot of popularity because they offer all type of foods at a single place which satisfies everyone. Here are the 14 most famous food streets around Pakistan that are worth visiting for your pleasant experience and we’ll also tell you the best food they have on their menus.

14 Famous Food Streets in Pakistan

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1. Burnes Road, Karachi

Burnes Road, usually referred to as Bun’s road is located in old town Karachi. The street opens at around 6 in the evening and remains crowded with people till after midnight. Burnes Road is famous for its renowned Bun kabab and other traditional food offerings such as biryani, karahi, nihari, etc. and rasmalai, kheer, lassi etc. for the sweet lovers.

Burnes Road, Karachi

2. Gawalmandi, Lahore

Gawalmandi is a major tourist attraction in the city which is open 24/7. It is located near centuries old buildings which gives it a lovely cultured look. Major characterestics of Gawalmandi are hangouts, aromatic food and sight-seeing. The best offerings are Phajje paye, hareesa, haleem, murgh channay etc.

Gawalmandi, Lahore

3. Sindhi Muslim, Karachi

Sindhi Muslim is a centrally placed food street located around a round about, and is adorned with various mouth-watering restaurants ranging from Nandos to Bundu Khan and Gloria Jeans to Ginsoy and other street shacks.

Sindhi Muslim, Karachi

4. Pir Sohawa, Islamabad

Pir Sohawa is a  highland picturesque rural sight, at an altitude of 5000 feet located near Islamabad. It consists of the Monal Restaurant which provides a sophisticated menu comprising of an assortment of oriental, Chinese, Asian, Italian and Continental cuisines.

Pir Sohawa, Islamabad

5. Lahore Fort Food Street

For those who prefer the Lahori taste, The Fort Road Food street may be an extraordinary experience. The street architecture is brilliant with old multi-storied buildings and wooden balconies that are lit beautifully at night. There is a list of famous restaurants at the Street including Cuckoo’s Den and Rewaj.

Lahore Fort Food Street

6. Do Darya, Karachi

Do Darya has become extremely famous in Karachi. The city has made exceptional use of its beach by building an enormous food street built entirely of wooden restaurants over the shore. It provides a beautiful scene and is a place where you can enjoy peaceful dinner with your family. Restaurants like Kolachi, Afridi Inn, Sajjad, Charcoal Grill etc. provide a variety of food from BBQs to your favorite desserts.

Do Darya, Karachi

7. Melody Food Street, Islamabad

In Islamabad, Melody G-6 Markaz is a recently opened food street with an assortment of food to look over. Numerous acclaimed eateries have their outlets at Melody.The street offers a lot of BBQ and traditional Pakistani dishes with an assortment of fresh juices to look over.

Melody Food Street, Islamabad

8. M. Alam Road, Lahore

M. Alam Road is a street named after the honorable Air Commodore Muhammad Mahmood Alam but is now famous for its food. It’s a brightly lit street lined with outlets of the most famous eateries such as Hardees, Subway, McDonalds, Salt n’ Pepper Village etc.

M. Alam Road food street, Lahore

9. Namakmandi, Peshawar

Namak Mandi’s traditional Tikka karahi attracts both foreign and local tourists. Peshawar’s famed Namak Mandi has become an exceptional food center where most visitors can hardly resist the aroma of Tikka Karahi. There are some 30 tikka shops in Namak Mandi, the most famous of which are Charsi Tikka, Khan Tikka and Mehran Tikka. People throng the bazaar, especially the famous trio of shops at lunch and dinner.

Namakmandi, Peshawar

10. Boat Basin, Karachi

Boat Basin is a favorite boating and breakfast point for Karachites. It has the trendiest restaurants which provide the yummiest cheese parathay and chai to refresh yourself for the day ahead.

Boat Basin, Karachi

11. Kartarpura, Rawalpindi

Old Kartarpura, a food market in downtown Rawalpindi is the place which comes to life in full-swing, when people in the rest of the city, including Islamabad, go to sleep. While Kartarpura is famous for all kinds of meat dishes but beef nihari and mutton tikka are its mainstay. Plus red Kashmiri tea is the ideal after-dinner-drink that visitors enjoy.

Kartarpura, Rawalpindi

12. Port Grand, Karachi

The food street is a life time experience and its alluring and state of the art food. It is yet another food street in Karachi which provides a beautiful view of the Arabian sea and has lines of restaurants and carts which sell everything from pizzas to grilled corn.

Port Grand, Karachi

13. Qissa Khwani Bazaar, Peshawar

This bazaar is remarkable food street in Peshawar. It depicts the true culture and tradition of the city and its BBQ, Kababs, Tikka are incomparable.

Qissa Khawani Bazaar, Peshawar

 14. Anarkali Food Street

Anarkali Food street is the oldest bazaar in Lahore. It is renowned for traditional Lahori cuisine. It is a popular public spot for breakfasts and weekends. It  is now being restored after the terrorist attack of 2013.
Anarkali Food Street