Female Suicide Bomber Who Murdered 37 People in Ankara

When the word serial killer is used in a story it reflects a man with Hugh built and scar on his face, have gun in his one hand and ready to kill anyone who disobeys him. But this time the story is different and the killer is an innocent looking girl.

24 year girl named Sehar who is a terrorist and has taken lives of 37 people in Ankara, she has self-destructed her at place in Ankara. Her picture has been published by a group named as Kurdistan free hacks. They have introduced her as their member; they said that she has been trained in SHAM since 2013. She has been sent to turkey for bombing, this group has encouraged the act of Sehar Meer and has given threatened turkey that this was their first attack and they have many more like Sehar Meer and they will attack turkey in many ways.