FIA Contacted Mustafa Kamal And Sarfaraz Merchant To Investigating Against MQM

FIA is now after the case of MQM and they have contacted Mustafa Kamal and Sarfaraz Merchant. FIA has established a committee for the case and have contacted Mustafa Kamal in Karachi and sarfaraz merchant in London. They have invited both to shrew the information about the connections of MQM with the neighboring country intelligence agency raw. FIA director and Mustafa Kamal have agreed on the terms and has set meeting in next FIA director and Mustafa Kamal has agree on the terms and has set meeting in next 24 hours.

On the other hand director FIA inam ghani has contacted Sarfaraz Merchant in London and they both have agreed to meet and to share information about MQM. FIA have invited Sarfaraz merchant to share info about the money laundering case and connection between RAW and Mqm and getting funded by RAW. Merchant has said that he will give answer after concerning with his lawyer.