FlyDubai Plane Crashed in Russia, 62 Dead 1

In Moscow, a Boeing 737 of FlyDubai airline, crashed near the airport of Rostov-on-Don, carrying the 62 people. This airport located in the Southern Russia, where the weather for extremely bad for the landing. All people, on board, were killed as the crash was devastating. It was quite shameful to lost all the people including the crew and the pilots.

Plane was actually making its second effort to land on the runway as the weather was not clear enough to see the runway lights clearly. The pilots couldn’t able to detect the lights and slammed on the ground killing all the people on board at once. The debris has been found and the investigative team is now engaged to discover the exact cause of the accident. What was the reason and why pilots couldn’t able to take down the plane safely?

FlyDubai Plane Crashed in Russia, 62 Dead

FlyDubai announced the news that its flight FZ981 has been crashed and not a single person is alive after the accident. Crew members were 7 while all the other 55 were the regular passengers. These passengers were Russians. It was a tragic accident as the fire fighters took almost 30 minutes to get control on the blazes. According to passenger that was included in the flight that was diverted after the accident, plane was shaking badly due to the weather.