Focal Person is the solution for Saudi-Iran Conflict, Declared by Pakistani Government

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has made a positive statement declaring the Saudi-Iran Conflict as being the integral one for the region, and it would be a pleasure for Pakistan to resolve it as soon as possible. He declared it as a sacred mission as the people of Pakistan have the distinct type of religious associations with the two countries.

Prime Minister persuasively suggested to appoint the focal person from each country and also said that Pakistan will also put forward its focal person soon. This statement was given by him as he was addressing to the post-meeting media conference. This decision was taken after the meeting with the President of Iran Hassan Rowhani.

He also emphasizes on the sensitivity of the both cities Riyadh and Tehran as both are quite open to the extremism. Pakistan will maximize its efforts to make sure that the Muslim unity is not sabotaged.