14 Foods on 14 August:

Pakistan and Pakistanis are known for quite a few things. One of the things that we Pakistanis are known for is our love of eating food and our ability to concoct a number of delicious dishes. Our food dishes all have different provincial origins but are eaten and enjoyed all over the country. Check out this list of 14 of such famous dishes and describe each one of them:

  1. Biryani:

Lets start with the ‘King of all foods’, which is the famous Biryani. It comes in many forms the most famous of which is the beef/Chicken Bombay Biryani. It has also taken up many other forms such as Sabzi ki biryani, Sindhi biryani, Kachay Gosht ki biryani etc.

biryani 2

  1. Nihari:

Nihari is a heavy gravy dish made from beef or more specifically the calf(Bong) area of a cow. It is a huge favorite, eaten by sprinkling herbs and lemon juice and eaten with fresh, hot tandoori naan. Aficionados in Punjab have also taken up eating nihari at breakfast which has become a big weekend breakfast trend.


  1. Payee:

Paye is another famous dish which is stewed in garam masala and is a more developed version of the yakhni. It is eaten the same way as nihari i.e with lemon juice, herbs and naan.


  1. Gol Gappay:

The gol gappay trend has started with gol gappays being offered by every other street vendor and chaat shop. They are basically fried and crispy pooris filled with chickpeas, chutneys, yoghurt and chaat masalas. You can see people crowding around and enjoying gol gappays specially during monsoon season.

gol gappay

  1. Palak Paneer:

Palak paneer is a vegetarian dish made from tomato paste, paneer, and spinach puree all mixed into a paste and then seasoned with garlic and other masalas. It is usually eaten with Chawal ki roti and topped with additional chunks of cheese or desi paneer which melts into little puddles.

Palak paneer

  1. Stew:

Stew is a winter dish that is made from cooking solid food items slowly,such as large chunks of meat and vegetables in gravy. It is served with either hand made chapatis or even with boiled rice.


  1. Dam ka Qeema:

Dam ka qeema is a very popular side dish made by char coaling and smoking already cooked qeema, then topping it with herbs, lemon, garlic and ginger, and lemon. It is served either with tandoori naan or presented as a side dish with pulao or mattar chawal. Almost all parties and dinners include dam ka qeema in their menus, which is easy to make, and which becomes a plus point.

Dam ka qeema

  1. Kunna:

It is famous chinioti or lahori dish which is very similar to Nihari and is also made from the hind leg meat of a goat or cow. It is made in a clay pot buried under the ground level seasoned with spices. It is a huge favourite in weddings and is a popular winter dish.


  1. Chapli Kabab:

The Pathans are known for their immense hospitality and chapli kabab served with large rotis. Chapli kabab comprises of various spices mixed with  minced meat and is a delight to eat.

Chapli Kabab

  1. Pulao:

Pulao is a Mughal dish. It is made by special herbs and spices boiled to a certain degree with onion and meat. This boiled soup of meat , onions and herbs is known as ‘yakhni’ in the local language. Then it is added in rice and set to steam. It is a special dish which locals  believe not everyone can master.


  1. Chicken Tikka:

Chicken Tikka is a common favorite street food on the streets of Pakistan. It is made by marinating chicken in spices and then barbecuing it until the chicken is tender. People have created their own varieties of Tikkas as well by adding cream and herbs.


  1. Karhai Makhni:

It is yet again another famous street food. It is cooked by stir frying chicken with tomato and spices and adding cream. It is a dish that can be cooked very easily and is loved by all Pakistanis alike.

Karhai Makhni

  1. Sajji:

Sajji is a dish that has origins from the rural Sindh. It is made by marinating flattened pieces of meat with salt and vinegar and cooking it in an underground oven made by bricks.


  1. Palla Machli:

It is another very special Sindhi dish.  The Palla fish is specially caught from the river Indus. People from far away places come to Guddu barrage to specially savor  this dish.

Palla Machli