Former actress Sara Choudry talks about her life as a born-again Muslim

Actress Sara Chaudhry has announced that she has managed to find peace in her life after studying the Quran.

Chaudhry left the world of showbiz a few years ago after turning towards religion. She has said that while she used to pray and fast and read the Quran previously, she had never previously studied the Quran or understood its message clearly in the past. It was only after she studied the Quran properly and made an effort to understand its meaning that she learnt how meaningless and disturbed her life had been. She realized that she had never forged the connection with God that she should have forged being a Muslim – and when she finally realized this, she decided to submit herself to God.

When she was asked regarding what brought about this change in her life, Chaudhry said that she realized that everything in this world was little more than dust, including human beings, and they would one day return to the dust too. She learnt along the way that humans also have a soul, which would live on even after death, while the body was destroyed, and that it was her duty as a Muslim to make sure that the soul reached a good end after her death. She said that human beings strive for peace of mind, but this is only possible through the Quran. She had drifted away from God during the course of her life, and she felt that she needed to reignite his connection with Him.