Google Announced the Android N Developer Preview

Every fan of Android was looking forward to the release of the new version of Android OS. Google has finally announced its new version of OS named as Android N. Although, this is not the final name of the OS, it is just a preview name or tag. There was no plan of releasing any such beta version but still Google has surpassed all the expectations and released this Android Developer N Preview. There have been immense changes in this new developer version of Android. One of the prominent changes is the split screen option for the supported apps along with the addition of multi screens. This has been added all because many of the applications are now being developed for the Multi screen features by the Samsung and LG.

Now Google has enabled them the opportunity to those companies to develop more applications as such. The notification bar has also been improved in this Android as now the user can easily interact through the notification bar without going to the other screen. Other distinctive feature of this OS is the In-Picture mode. With this feature, user can now easily use other applications while making the video. Battery saving mode has also been improved to conserve the energy.