Google takes Commendable steps for its Pakistani customers by introducing a new facility

Reporting from New York: Google has announced special news for its Pakistani users by easing their troubles and obstacles. Along with 13 other languages, Google has now incorporated Sindhi and Pashto language in its Google Translate facility. By adding these languages, total Languages have increased to a count of103 and these new additions will be updated within some time on the Google Translate page.

By the increase of these translating languages, Google translate has beaten its competition and gone ahead, According to the website Geektime. Along with Sindhi and Pashto, Google Translate has introduced other languages like Hawaiian, Gaelic, Kyrgyz, Scottish, Kurdish, Amharic, Xhosa, Samoan, Luxembourgish, Shona, Corsican and Kurmanji

Soon these languages will be available to translate to English or any other language. Due to this inclusion, more 120 million people will be able to use this facility. Almost 70 million Sindhi and more than 40 million Pashto speakers will be attracted to Google Translate, which will result in more traffic of millions of users from Pakistan and Afghanistan. Google Translate already has included translation to Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Persian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and many other South Asian languages. This addition will also assist residents of Punjab or Balochistan area rather than only people from Sindh or Pashto people. Because of this, the importance of the language of the people residing in these areas will be restored and people around the world will be able to establish better communication with them and uphold relations of peace and brotherhood.