The internet giant Google is spreading it wings and for the first time in history,  it shall be visiting different universities all over Pakistan. The reason for this visit is primarily to train students and help them to polish their skills  and facilitate  their proficiency and professionalism with the tools and services that Google has to provide.

Google To Train University Students All Over Pakistan

Google will mainly targeting students who are already in this field i.e. developers , designers , bloggers. The students will be taught to expand their vision and  also will be taught to earn money online with the help of what Google service has in store for them.

Schedule Of Their University Visits All Over Pakistan

We surely believe that this campaign will for sure  broaden your horizons in the field of e-commerce and marketing and will help you earn through much more optimal means.

  1. 30th August, 2016

Institute of Business Administration (IBA)Karachi. Pakistan.

  1. Wed. 31st August, 2016

NED University of Engineering & Technology (NED)Karachi. Pakistan.

  1. Thu. 01st September, 2016

National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences (FAST-NU)Islamabad. Pakistan

  1. Fri. 02nd September, 2016

GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences & Technology (GIKI)Topi. Pakistan.

  1. Mon. 05th September, 2016

Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)Lahore. Pakistan.

  1. Tue. 06th September, 2016

University of Gujrat (UOG)Gujrat. Pakistan.

  1. Wed. 07th September, 2016

University of Central Punjab (UCP)Lahore. Pakistan.

  1. Thu. 08th September, 2016

National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences (FAST-NU)Lahore. Pakistan.

  1. Fri. 09th September, 2016

University of Engineering & Technology (UET)Lahore. Pakistan.


The main focus of Google will be to teach students how to use two of their money making services, namely the,

  1. Adsense
  2. AdMob

These services will allow an excellent means to generate money from whatever content you put up over the internet.

Google To Train University Students All Over Pakistan1

Also the best part of his whole program will be that you will be taught how to earn and simultaneously you will also have  contact with Googles facilitator to help you directly whenever you would require the need.

For all new bloggers who are considering this great opportunity we recommend a go and register for this event through the link mentioned here.