Hidden Lesson for Pakistan in the T20 World Cup Final

T20 World cup campaign of Pakistan ended miserably as Pakistan only managed to beat Bangladesh while lost to the other three teams. Although, each loss was not that big as the team was trying to win every game. Team was lacking in some of the areas but you cannot say that the team played pathetically. It is also worth mentioning that the team had already confronted a humiliating loss to Bangladesh in Asia Cup. Despite of that Pakistan beat Bangladesh with quite a substantial margin in the World Cup. Fans of Pakistan are criticizing the team very harshly. Although, Pakistan team requires some tweaks to better their performance. There is a potential and the managers should be more precise to explore it and use for the team. Instead of regretting the opportunities of this World cup to grab, Pakistan team should look for positivity and learn something from the Final Match of the T20 World Cup of West Indies and England. Each fixture, Pakistan lost by either 20 to 22 runs or by 10 balls.

The management should look upon to the batting strategy of West Indies in the Final Match. They didn’t bat well in the early overs of the Final but still they managed to win the match. Pakistan should learn the ability to maintain the temperament like West Indies team showed in the final.

They should also learn to believe on the players so that each individual can raise its confidence level. Pakistan should also sort its hitting batsmen like Shahid Afridi to provide such environment in which he can improve his special skill of hitting the sixes. Positivity is the only attitude that is the base of playing cricket. The team should also learn to not to give up at any situation.

It was an emotive speech from Darren Sammy after the game. There was a tear in his eyes and a chunk in his throat as he opened up about the troubles they faced along the way, but players was there a self-important smile on his face when he said it all.