Hiding Pregnancy From The Public - Ayesha Sana Stirs up A New Controversy!

Lahore (monitoring desk) Pakistani actress Ayesha Sana hid her pregnancy from the public and relocated to an unknown place where even the baby’s father was not present. This all was confessed in a morning show.

In a programme on local television with Shaista Lodhi the actress revealed that she bears her expenses herself. She has done this of her own choice. She was promised that after the baby’s birth everyone will be informed. Ayesha Sana said that if someone says that a 39 year old lady calls a 56 year old man to a hotel and swayed him – there was hanky panky – what would be your reaction. Even in this you are a puppet and cannot take your decisions by yourself. At times I feel sorry that even at this age somebody feels so pressed and helpless? In response to one question Ayesha Sana said that it should be forgone now what was promised to her as it is only history now.