Homeless Man Finds Job Thanks to Actor’s Facebook Upload!

Every good deed is paid off in one way or another and Pakistani actor Ahsan Khan’s generosity towards an employed person was no different. The actor shared a homeless man’s request for a job on his Facebook page and requested his fans to help him find gainful employment.

The gentleman impressed Ahsan Khan so much with his command over English and his willingness to work at any sort of job that he felt compelled to try and help him in any way he could.

The actor uploaded a video of the gentleman requesting people to help him find gainful employment on his Facebook account, captioning it: “A helping hand is no farther than at the end of your sleeve. Plz let me know if any one of you is interested in helping this man”.

Ahsan Khan expressed his sentiments in an interview with a renowned newspaper, gushing over how impressed he was with the man. He said that despite being through so much, the man was an inspiration for anything due to how happy and how grateful he was.

In the video, the man mentioned that he was not very comfortable with computers but could work as an office assistant, fend off telephone calls, go out of the office for errands, and other similar tasks.

Only a few hours after the video was uploaded, video conferencing equipment supplier Amtech Systems Inc hired the man, giving him a package that included accommodation. The news was announced in a tweet by the company itself.