Honda bike model in short supply

Several schemes have been introduced by Japanese bike assemblers in an attempt to entice customers. A third dealer is taking advantage of the fact the demand for its products greatly exceed the available supply and are now asking for premiums in order to ensure immediate delivery.

Free registration is being offered by Yamaha and Suzuki, but market leader Honda is requiring buyers to pay premiums for immediate delivery of Honda CG-125cc despite the fact that the price is already on the high side.

According to a market survey carried out at the city center for all kinds of new and used bikes, even authorized Honda dealers cannot arrange the CG-125 model for display purposes, indicating how high the demand is.

Dealers though are assuring buyers that the model in question will definitely be available for immediate delivery provided they are willing to pay a higher price. Regular delivery will take 15 days, if the buyer does not pay the “immediate delivery” premium, also known as the “on price”. According to the dealers, the situation was the same in Sindh and Punjab. They were however observed to be offering discounts on other Honda models in an attempt to deflect demand towards other bikes.