How To Quit Smoking, These Are the Best Ways

Smoking is one of the modification that a person can afford with any cost, smokers don’t quit smoking very easily they need a proper counseling. People who smoke have different kind of disease like copd, bronchiolitis and several others.

People who tries to quit need a proper counseling, and according a research people who quit smoking at once have higher chance to leave smoking rather than cutting it down gradually.

Nicola Lindon Hawley post-doctoral researcher of Oxford University has told that people who want to quit smoking should cut down gradually.

According to Reuter’s health have said that they have found that people who quit smoking have left smoking at once rather than gradually tapering off. They have done research work on several random persons and they have taken 700 adult smokers but the result was unsatisfactory because one third wants to quit at once and some wants to taper gradually and some does wants to quit at all.

They have divided people in two groups and they have set a quit day two weeks before the entrance of the study. Gradually quit smoker were scheduled to cut by 75% and they were given nicotine patches and and nicotine replacement gum, lozenges, mouth spray during the reduction period. And for abrupt quitter nicotine patches were given of 21 mg per 24 hours as this increase success.