Huawei Mate 8 Releasing in Pakistan

Huawei has just Released a statement that the company is projected to have a potential revenue by selling the mobile phones. In that persuasion, the company is launching a new phone named as Huawei Mate 8, in the country, on the 31st January of this year. In this mobile phone, Huawei has made some drastic changes and also some features have been re-invented.

For starters, it has the metallic body appearance which is quite intimidating for the consumers. Along with that the battery life has been substantially increased. The company already has its reputation as being the tech giant in the country and people recognize it as the authentic company to provide mobile phones. Huawei also considers Pakistan as being the potential market to make some decent business.
It is included in the plans of the company to sell $100 billion worth of mobile phones in the entire world out of which 2% of these phones will solely be sold in Pakistan.

The Company has eradicated the major problem of battery timings of the mobile phone after reacting to the user complaints. This version of Mate 8 will include the battery of about 4000 mAh.