Huawei Projected to sell $2 billion worth of Smart Phones in Pakistan within 3 years'

Huawei has released a statement in which the company has revealed the future plans regarding the revenues associated with the smart phones in Pakistan. The company has also presented the International market plans as they have set a mark of $100 billion fro the next 5 years.

Managing Director of device section of the company, assured the shareholders that the company is doing well in creating a business from the smart phones in Pakistan.

As per the reports, Huawei has managed to sell more than 1 million sets of Flagship Mate 8 in the region of China. The year 2015 went favorably for the Huawei as they did decent level of business by selling the smart phones. As compared to the year 2014, the share of Huawei has increased from almost a double rate in 2015.