Imran Khan Meat Pakistani Team And Giving Some Tips

Leader of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf Imran khan has said that he will meet the team in India and as per Shahid afridi request will give some tactical advice to the team according to his experience. He said team needs our support we have to be there for them. Himachal Pradesh is not the safe place to play but let see what comes out. Upon asking question over Pervez Musharraf he said he is confused a person.

He was talking to the local press at Bani Gala when he was ready to get flight for India, he was looking very confident about the match and has given remarks to the media that they are giving coverage like he is going to India for the match. He said that India Pakistan match is one the biggest pressure taking match of the history and each player is under intense pressure. The entire nation is watching the game either in the stadium or through television and praying for them. He said he will meet will the players before the match and Himachal Pradesh is not a safe place to play. He said Tahir ul Qadri already in India but Sheikh Rasheed was supposed to go us but again left without us.