Inception of Mustafa Kamal’s Party; PAK SARZAMEEN

Mustafa Kamal after his return to Karachi has started a new political party and said that he will announce the name of the party on 23rd march. As promised he announces the name of his new political party PAK SARZAMEEN PARTY.

The former member of the MQM and senator has started to roll in new members and has started a new political party named as pak sarzameen party. He announces this name on Wednesday in an area of Clifton, he said that this will be the party of people and will work for the people. God bless our party and give us strength to move forward.

He criticized the chairmen of MQM Altaf Hussain that we have the power and privilege but we are throwing it away for the sake of the people. And we will work for the people of Karachi and will protect them. He said that election commission will allow us to use the country flag so we will give them a new flag but we will not use that flag as our identity. We will use Pakistan’s’ flag as our identity.