India To Become the Closest Ally of United States

United States is planning to make India as the closest friends as President Obama has shown his intentions to make some changes in their law. Currently, the United States government is trying to enact a law that will increase trade initiatives and also strengthen the relationship with India in respect of the defense technology. This strengthening is basically called as institutionalization.

The resolution was passed by a Congressman that aims to make some changes in the US Arms Export Control Action so that New Delhi can be given a legal status of being as an American Allies.

That resolution was appreciated and backed by the US-India Business Council and pushed it to get pass. They played a vital role to highlight this resolution.

According to the official of Pentagon, this resolution will eventually institutionalize the initiatives started between the DTTI and IRRC. He also mentioned that the IRRC is also a major part of this act.

IRRC stands for India Rapid Reaction Cell which was founded in January 2015. It is also very firm that the change of government in United States won’t change the progress of this act. This act will build a consistent defense relationship between United States and India.