Indus Motors Decided to Alter the Toyota Cars

Indus Motors is the supplier of the Toyota Cars, operating in Pakistan. Recently, they have come up with a plan to manufacture the Toyota cars in a way to make them look more vibrant and beautiful. They have announced to add some potential features in order to make them look stylish and elegant. CEO of Indus Motors, Mr. Pervez Ghayas, told the media that the company has always introduced something new to facilitate the consumers. He further elaborated that from now on, the cars are going to be manufactured with a plan to make them faster, safer and enjoyable. Indus Motors have taken this step after the intricate surveys and the Product Planning. Cars will be manufactured with the new technology to make them more secure and durable for the consumers. These new cars with advance features will be available to the market from this May. It is a very favorable initiative for the consumers.