Iphone 7 leaks

The iPhone 7 will be releasing this year in September and already the hype is up with leaks about its features and gradual improvements being out in the open. Some of these leaks have been published on the internet, and mostly through twitter.

When iPhone 6 was released last year, instead of releasing a phone with a better battery life, the iPhone 6 battery was in actual a downgrade. Naturally, apple fanatics complained and in response the company might have worked on it. Now the leaks are pointing towards rumors of an extended and better battery life, most probably a battery of 1960 mAh instead of the 1715 mAh found in the current version. Now the question arises as to whether the battery will in practice extend the battery life of the phone or will it quickly be consumed by the power hungry iPhone apps, leading us back to square one.

Another way that Apple has found to resolve this problem is that they have been trying to improve the efficiency of their software leading to less consumption of battery.
Another rumored alteration is that they have freed up some space by removing the mute button and the head phone jack.

Keeping these rumors in mind, we have yet to see in September that how much weight do they actually carry.