Karachi Food Festival 2016

The food festival was started on the 22nd of this January and ended on 24th. A three-day complete food enjoyment available for the munchies of the Karachi, organized at the Frere Hall. The festival was comprised of the variety of dishes and flavors ranging from the Desi snacks to the gourmet. As the festival started on Friday, many visited the hall and enjoyed the diversity of the flavors.

There were around 92 stalls set up and to experience of all them in just three-day period is quite a lot to taste. Each stall has the variety of dishes.

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From street food to the exquisite foods, all kinds were there along with the marvels of creativity like the Nutella Strawberry Samosa. Gourmet burgers were also being made by the finest of the chefs. It was a complete package for the residents of the city of lights.

One of the prominent stalls was of the Maha’s Fatso. She managed it very well with having the yummy Short Ribs that were grilled, available with grilled cheese and also with Sharp Cheddar.

There was a stall that specifically offering the Danish sandwiches that were actually open faced and they were looking like the hot cakes.

Cosmopolitan also sets up the stall offering various dishes including the Chicken Strips, Alfredo Pasta, Chicken and Mushroom Crepe and Classic Burger. In the desert they were having the Belgian Chocolate Tart and Tiramisu.

As the festival was not only about the Eastern food, there were also the Western menus as well. Bond Street Waffles were there too, and they were making the fresh waffles on their stall.

Karachi Food Festival 2016, Explore the Amalgamation of the Dishes

Chinese food was also in abundance and people were visiting the stall named as China Kitchen set up by Foodies United. Crab Rangoon and Porcupine Prawns were their popular names.

Hyderabadi dishes were not behind in this festival as the very specialized stall was entertaining the people. It was named as Nano’s Hyderabadi Cuisine. From typical “Hyderabadi Biryani” to “Began ka Bhurta”, all were present there.

Pantry stall was making the pasta along with the other tasty items to mesmerize the eaters. They were having the diverse items in their menu including the Pantry Lemonade to the Nutella Pizza. From Margarita Pizza to Assorted Pizza, there were unique types of item that are not usual to eat.

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Chapli Kabab House was making their favorite and most desirable Chapli kababs in their big utensil full of oil.

There was a very unique stall named as “SATTAR BUKSH” rhyming with the Starbucks. The stall was having the menu called as Eshpesuls (Specials), offering the Hathora Maar beef (hammering beef), Bhinnot Bun Kebab (very hot bun kebab) and also the Daal Chawal (Pulse and rice).

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Exciting slogans were presented on the stall like one says that “we will not run out” by Saniya’s Kitchen. One unique dish that got viral was the Grill chicken having the Desi Chimichurri, prepared and offered by the Breast and Loin.

The presentation of the festival was up to the mark and there was a proper hygiene system. People surely enjoyed it.