Karachi Volunteer Fixes Manhole Covers After Government Failure 1

Alamgir Khan has recently launched a campaign titled “Fix It” in Karachi, the purpose of which is to fix the appearance of the roads in the metropolis because he believes that the provincial government has not been able to do so.

Alamgir has been declared a hero on social media and on Friday more than 100 citizens and civil society activists joined him in a quest to tackle the gaping open manholes on University Road.

In an interview with Dawn.com, Alamgir said that he had decided to take action after the local government had failed to seal manholes, despite the expiry of the deadline given by Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah to the local authorities to ensure that all gutters in Karachi were covered.

Karachi Volunteer Fixes Manhole Covers After Government Failure

After he noticed that the authorities had not taken any action, Alamgir launched the next step of his campaign. He recruited  a team to arrange manhole covers at a cost of a meager Rs13,000 and then this team set out to repair the manholes that the government was ignoring.

According to Alamgir, it took 6 hours to fix the 42 manholes on University Road. After the covers were installed, the words “Fixed” were written next to the covers.