Karachi’s Unique Bazaar, Where Life and Death are Sold Side by Side

Both life and death are sold in a bazaar in Pakistan’s biggest city, Karachi. The bazaar called the ‘Lucky star market’ in Saddar, has half the shops located in the straight alley and half streets located to the side street. In one store, weapons, guns, ammunition equipment and revolvers are sold, and in the other stores, modern medical equipment to help save lives are sold.

Like all other shops and stores, the stock is displayed outside the shop. Arms displayed outside one shop and medical equipment displayed outside the other shop, both side by side. As it is situated in the premises of the cent, so there is a certain procedure of selling the weapons. Photography is not allowed, and without checking the arms license, shopkeepers are not allowed to sell weapons.

It is the biggest arms store in the city, the security officials are updated about everything.