Katrina Kaif is in the Highlights After Breakup

After the breakup with Bollywood sensation, Ranbeer Kapoor, Katrina Kaif is surrounded by the media to know more about it. Media tries to penetrate in every minute details of the celebrities. Apparently, it is quite challenging to be a celebrity as media covers every aspect of the celebrity’s life. Privacy of these celebrities are greatly sabotage by the media.

People wants to know every activity and the movement of their favorite celebrity. They want to know more about them without concerning for the celebrity. Every little thing about a celebrity becomes a headline. Media is now following every move of the Katrina Kaif after the breakup with Ranbeer. They are keeping eye on the movement of the Katrina. Recently, she has been seen with the assistant of Salman, therefore, people were speculating that the assistant is helping her to get an apartment.