‘KPK Hospitals will Run under the Board of Directors, says Imran Khan

‘KPK Hospitals will Run under the Board of Directors, will lodge FIR against Amir Muqam’, says Khan

Islamabad: Addressing a press conference in Peshawar, Imran Khan said that no public figure should visit hospitals, he would ask Pervaiz Khattak to lodge FIR against Amir Maqam. He said that we are making improvements to the provincial government hospitals and they will run under the board of directors.

Khan said that since the provincial government passed the Act to reform hospitals, many doctors have won an injunction, Peshawar High Court on 7 December 2015 ordered the provincial government to enforce the Act, according to which, doctors wouldn’t be allowed to protest in the hospitals, and if they do so ‘Must Service Act’ would be enforced.

He further said that we are bringing the board of directors which will improve the system of the hospital and hospitals will be free from political interventions. We want to bring the public hospitals up to the level of private hospitals, 90% doctors have agreed to it and the other 5% are trying to create hurdles in the way of improvement, so that they can run their private clinics.

In his press conference, Khan also condemned the firing on the PIA employees on the issue of privatization.