Love Across Border Reinvigorated Sex Change Surgery

A young man from India has undergone a sex change surgery in order to be with his lover across borders in Pakistan.

It all started five years ago when Meera previously known as Gaurav got in touch with Rizwan over a social networking website regarding her PhD.

Meera has been dating women and was about to marry when she got acquaintances with Rizwan.

Rizwan represented a Sufi school of thought and helped Meera understand the nuances for her work on Sufism. They became close and developed a bond that grew stronger with time.

Meera expressed her love for Rizwan by calling each other an extension of each other’s soul. Thus, the couple was amazed at discovering the similarities between them.

“I did not realise when he accepted my feelings for him and our bond developed so deep,” she stated.
Meera decided to undergo a sex change surgery when Rizwan’s mother started looking for a wife for him. She got the idea off the internet and they both volunteered for it.

Meera approached a doctor in Mumbai against her family’s will and continued with the hormone therapy however
“Three surgeries took place in August, September and October to help me embrace a dream life with my beloved,” said Meera.

Upon being questioned about Rizwan’s loyalty, Meera remained firm and expressed feeling of faith in Almighty and Rizwan’s loyalty.