Make Money Whilst Driving Your Car

If you use a car for your daily work like going to office etc, then you can earn more than 20,000 a month by just travelling to your office daily. This will amaze you as it is happening on the streets.

In Lahore you can earn 20,000 from your daily travel by just having a company advertisement on your car. You just have to drive the car throughout the city. The advertisement on your car will never harm your car because it’s just a sticker. Company will provide you everything like sticker, maintenance and money to put it on your car.

According to the sources a company is going to be started in Pakistan which will deal with such kind of advertisement. This company named as Ticket Katao will operate in Pakistan very soon. They will make a deal with the owner of the car and the companies. And a car owner can earn up to 20,000.

This company is gate way between the owner of the car and the advertisement company. And their moto is “Travel the road of success by your own car”.

Requirements are driving license, original papers of the car and the persons I.D card. The amount of the money will depend upon the driving hours and the area of interest of the company. Company is willing to pay 15000 for small cars and 20,000 for big cars and the money will be transferred to the bank account in the end of each month.