Many Mqm leaders have left the country

After Mustafa Kamal has returned to Karachi and the revolution has begun in the politics of Karachi. Many leaders of Mqm have left the country and there is now a big question on the leadership of the Mutahida Qaumi Movement.

Several leaders of the party has joined hands with Mustafa Kamal and has formed a new political party against Mqm and leaders like Anees Kaimkhani, Waseem Aftab, Dr. Sagheer and Raza Haroon has joined Mustafa Kamal. They said that this is not the party they were working for the last 10 -20 years. And altaf Hussain is working for raw and he doesn’t care about the Mohajir of Karachi at all.

Faisal Sabzwari the former MPA was set to join hands with Mustafa Kamal, and was next on the list but he has left for US on the Monday morning. And news of joining of Khusbakht shujaat to Mustafa Kamal is ringing in the ears but he is also on official tour to US.

Many MQM leaders have taken permission from the party before leaving and Faisal Sabzwari had also informed them before leaving said by party spokesperson. Another leader Haider Abbas Rizvi is now in Canada and the MPA Irteza Farooqi is in London for her son.