Director of Maula Jatt remake talks about his casting decisions

When we first heard about the remake of Maula Jatt it looked as if the genre was going to get a new twist. But later Bilal Lashari announced the decision to include Fawad Khan as Maula Jatt and Hamza Ali Abbasi as Noori Nath, making it obvious that the objective was only to redefine what the Punjabi hero was in the first place.

In an interview with a local newspaper, Bilal explained that the Punjabi hero has always been someone who has walked with his sleeves folded and his chest puffed out, and this was how he was always portrayed in films. He felt that the time had come to re-brand the hero for the audiences.

Bilal feels that the hero has to go above and beyond a physical caricature, which is why his decision to select Fawad and Hamza would jolt the audience to the core.

Fawad Khan as Maula Jatt and Hamza Ali Abbasi as Noori Nath

Fawad Khan has been Bilal’s friends since the two were in school and Bilal knows that Fawad has an aggressive side which is generally hidden from his audiences. This prompted Bilal to consider Fawad in the role of Maula Jatt, a decision which he had been mulling over for a long time.

According to Bilal, Fawad had done a fantastic job of not letting his inner wild man show except in glimpses and even then he had made it look like part of the role. Bilal was probably one of the very few people who know how wild Fawad really was, and he felt that it was about time the industry gave the heartthrob a chance to show that side of his personality.

Bilal feels that Fawad has always been cast as the suave and sexy hero, so it might be difficult for the audiences to perceive him as something different. But he was confident that Fawad’s mere presence in the film would guarantee that it was a hit.