Maulana Abdul Aziz Claimed his Talks with Agencies

Deported maulvi of Lal Masjid Maulana Abdul Aziz claimed that he is talking to the agencies and the process of negotiation is going on. According to him, an officer of the intelligence agency was conducting an unreasonable conspiracy to defame him, but the other personnel were not involved in anything like that instead they were very cooperative in sorting out the differences.

In a video that was posted by the official social media page of the Lal Masjid, it is mentioned the Abdul Aziz is engaged in the talks with the officials of the Inter-Services Intelligence.

He also mentioned that another official is trying to sabotage those talks and planning to prove me guilty. He is immensely trying to spoil the negotiations and the meetings. He also claimed that a brigadier of ISI is involved in such activities. He also claimed that fake videos are big made him portraying him as taking the extortion money.

While giving his statement Abdul Aziz also criticized the irresponsible behavior of the intelligence agencies as their attitude is promoting extremism.

Maulana clearly showed a positive attitude as he invited the Major over a meeting to increase the chemistry between the two sides and understand the perspectives of each other.

But on the contrary, Spokesperson of ISI, said that there is no contact between any Major and the Maulana and rejected his claims of setting the meeting between any such personnel. This has declared by ISI as the propaganda.

ICT officials said the police and the civic administration officials made a visit to the Maulana and tried to convince him to get the pre -arrest bail.

Maulana also said the authorities have registered a false case against him and then for that they want him to attain the pre-bail. He is not ready for that as he made his decision to take the post bail as per his Istikhara.