Movement Against the Islamophobia in New York1

Beware! The Muslims Are Coming:-

After 9/11 incident, USA has become the hub of Islamophobics and stereotypes. Many of the conservatives are against the existence of the religion in the region without realizing the fact huge chunk of economic development is comprised of them. In the recent era, there has been an unprecedented hatred against the Muslims and Islam. Various pathways have been taken to show the frustration and opposition against the Muslim Community in America. Various organizations are struggling to realize the fact that Muslims are the reality of America and they cannot function properly without them. These organizations are showing the aggression and committing the various hateful acts that are classifying them as the Islamophobics. Mocking and calling names are their common path to argue with the Muslims.

Although, some organizations that believes in rationality and reasonability, do support the Muslims and oppose such aggression against the whole community. They are working for the Muslims to address their issues and problems regarding this Islamophobia. New Movement has been initiated by the artists to oppose these stereotypes and Islamophobics by painting the slogans that says that all Muslims are not terrorists & Beware, The Muslims are coming. They are serving the cause that Muslims should be treated with equality. They are also mentioning the accomplishments by the Muslims in the past.