MQM is All About Altaf Hussain Rabita Committee

MQM has again been accused of some serious allegations in regards to the party head Altaf Hussain. These allegations were put forward by the former member and the former Mayor of Karachi, Mustafa Kamal, who once was regarded as the most favorite person of the party.

Mustafa claimed that the party possess no independent opinion as all the decision making power is confined to Altaf Hussain, and workers are literally obeying him blindly.

Despite of all these strong claims, party is still on the same page that Altaf Hussain is the key element of the party. Some of the member of the party called this a strategic move designed by the Establishment of the country to divide the party.

The reaction of the MQM regarding the yesterday’s press conference of Mustafa Kamal, was quite calm and civilized. According to the party members, they are confronting such opposition for the last decades and will not affect their objective and enthusiasm.

MQM is standing behind its leader and will defend him as they consider him as being the founder and the most authentic person of the party. Altaf Hussain is very popular amongst the party and no supporter of MQM wants to leave the party.