The general public has become increasingly aware of the MQM problems and it seems that they are not shying away from making it as such either. MQM London were about to hold another press conference that got a lot under the skin of MQM Pakistan and came out with one agenda – to defend Altaf Hussain and his controversial speeches. Owing to the sensitive environment and the possibility of political backlash, Rangers and Police force were set at the Press Club ate in Karachi to monitor and secure the area to make sure there were no unfortunate events that would take place – besides from the press conference itself.

Rangers Arrest Senior Party Leaders


During the short hours of the conference being started, the Rangers arrested Hassan Zafar as he waited at the gate of the Karachi Press Club. Other leaders, Kanwar Khalid Younis and Amjadullah Khan were also arrested resulting in the cancellation of the press conference indefinitely.  Sources state that Amjadullah Khan had already reached the KPC and stayed inside for four hours after exiting the building, at which point the Rangers arrested him and transferred him to unknown location.

Update on MQM London Leaders Arrest


Recent news indicates that the arrested MQM leaders have not been granted bail but detained for 30 days in Karachi Central Jail. Rangers have conducted several search operations in Karachi ever since and have claimed to arrest multiple party members from both London and Pakistan factions of MQM.

MQM London VS MQM Pakistan


Dr Hasan Zafar Arif defended the stance of MQM as a political party during their first conference and demanded that it should not be limited with respect to their political duties. Stating the pressure from certain people to delegitimize MQM voters, he rejected any break in the original MQM. Dr Hasan also blamed Mustafa Kamal, Farooq Sattar and their respective parties for trying to take Altaf Hussain out of his own party, completely rejecting the minus one formula in his speech. He said that the party was being divided and that MQM Pakistan and its leaders had committed treason by betraying Altaf.

Farooq Sattar and the Pakistan Rabita Committee excluded themselves from MQM London on 20th September and they have been in a clash of words with them ever scene. Altaf Hussain just recently got freed on the extensive money laundering investigation. MQM London also demanded uplift on the Altaf Hussain speech ban.

Party Supporters Scuffle with Journalists

There were reports of some scuffles between the party supporters who kept chanting their support for Altaf Hussain and journalists who were covering the event. The journalists complained to the Rangers who took those supporters out from the Karachi Press Club. Media people also had trouble getting into the Press Club at the start but were given permission by Rangers to enter after a brief discussion with the media heads.