MQM Victorious From NA-245 And PS-115

No matter how much you criticize on the morality of MQM, people of Karachi still wants them. In the recent by-elections held for the seats of NA-245 and PS-115, Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s candidates were victorious by quite some margin. AS per the results announced by the unofficial sources, Mr. Kamal Malik, who was the candidate of MQM, competing for the seat of National Assembly, has managed to secure around 39,597 votes. Malik won this seat with an enormous margin as the runner up of PTI, Mr. Shahid Hussain, only managed to bag 3,116 votes.

This huge margin was actually the result of the withdrawal of the PTI’s prominent candidate, Mr. Amjadullah Khan, who denounced his party’s membership and join MQM, some hours before the election. People still gave him 1,489 votes.

Although, it was quite expected that MQM will surely secure this constituency as the party held a strong political presence in this area. Most of the people are MQM enthusiasts and fan of Altaf Hussain. They admire their methodology of empowering the common people through politics. In the past, MQM had also won this constituency with some substantial margin like in the elections of 2013, MQM’s Rehan Hashmi won this seta by getting the whopping number of votes of 115,776 while his runner up of PTI, only managed to reach the half of this number.

As far as PS-115 is concerned, it is also secured by the MQM’s Faisal Rafiq by getting the total votes of 11,747. It was actually a competition between MQM and MQM-Haqiqi group. Jameel Qadri was the candidate of MQM-Haqiqi, who only got 1,381 votes. Again, it was a big difference between the winner and the runner up. Although, it was a tough competition between the 2nd number and 3rd number as PTI’s Amjad Jah also got 1,210 votes, which was quite irrelevant as MQM is victorious by far.

MQM’s Arshad Vohra was the last winner from this seat in the year 2013, by getting the 55,804 votes.

There were almost no campaigns initiated for this constituency, resulting in the bad turnout of the people. Only 11% of the total registered voters came forward to cast their opinion for the National Assembly seat while this percentage was even low for the Provincial seat that is 9.2%.

Some polling stations were busy straight from 8 am while others weren’t having a single voter since afternoon. There were no complains of fraudulent activities from any part of the constituency. Rangers were delegated to control the security situation.