MQM Working For Raw Says by Mustafa Kamal

Mustafa Kamal the well-known member of MQM rabta kameti returns to Karachi and he has done serious confessions about the MQM and MQM CHIEF ALTAF HUSSAIN. Mustafa Kamal, previous mayor of Karachi form 2005 till 2010. He served the city of lights with his heart and made it very beautiful and stable. But on his return to Karachi with his partner who is also the former member of rabta kameti Anees qaimkhaani he starts criticizing on Altaf Hussain and his party that he is working with the Indian intelligence agency RAW for last ten to twenty years. He said that the man who is living in England doesn’t not care about mohajirs of Karachi infect he doesn’t for anyone.

MUSTUFA KAMAL the former mayor of Karachi has announced a start of a new political party for the mohajirs and for all Karachi to make things better and to make the Karachi city more prosper. He was awarded the best mayor award on his performance in 2005 – 2010.
He accused altaf Hussain that he had taken funds form raw agency to start terrorism in Karachi. And the serial killers like saulat mirza are the members of MQM that he disowns and he is responsible for what is going on in Karachi for the last ten to twenty years. He also said that Altaf Hussain give speech to his party workers in drunk mode and uses many illogical words.

MQM Working For Raw Says by Mustafa Kamal 2

Mustafa Kamal added in his press conference that mqm leader Tariq Mir and Mohammad Anwar has confessed in front of Scotland yard that they have connections with RAW agency and have taken funds for buying weapons, he added that, in Dubai meeting Rehman Malik has given all the details about what they have said in Scotland yard investigation he also said that if they had confessed in front of Scotland yard then why they are not telling their own people and why they are not telling them the truth?