Muslim Advocacy Group Demands Apology from Trump

On Saturday, a Muslim advocacy group has demanded US presidential candidate Donald Trump to issue an apology after a Muslim attending his rally was booed by the crowd and forcibly removed by security personnel.

Executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Nihad Awad, said that when a Muslim is ejected from a rally after facing abuse, this only spells doom and gloom not only for American Muslims but also for anyone who holds America’s traditions of religious diversity and civic participation dear.

Ohio Governor John Kasich, another Republican presidential candidate, believes that the way the crowd responded at the rally was completely inappropriate.

In an interview Kasich said that there was absolutely no need to shout and boo and scare anyone who only wanted to launch a silent protest for something that she believed in. He said that this was a completely immature act that could have been expected from high school students, not from mature adults. According to CNN reports, 56 year old flight attendant Rose Hamid had attempted to protest by standing up when Trump had suggested that Syrian refugees who had escaped their homeland to enter the United States were associated with Islamic State militants.