Muslim Investigation Officer Killed in Uttar Pradesh

Sad news has come from the Uttar Pradesh, India as a Muslim officer who was actually at the high rank in the National Investigation Agency of India, has been shot dead. India has instigated the National Investigation Agency after the dreadful Mumbai Attacks in September 2011. Tanzil Ahmed, who was the reputable officer of this NIA, was killed by the unknown attackers. Tanzil was shot in front of his children and wife. This incident happened in Binjore, a western part of Uttar Pradesh, at around early hours on this Sunday.

News was spread that the Tanzil has some official links with the recent visit of the Pakistani Joint Investigation team to collect some evidences regarding the Pathankot attack. On the other hand, NIA has clearly stated that the Tanzil has no relation what so ever with the Pathankot case.

The attack was so brutal that Tanzil lost his spot on the spot while his children were just watching him dead. The attackers also tried to harm his wife but she has somehow survived but still she is fighting for her life. The two children, one 14 years old daughter and 12 years old son, were completely safe and had no injuries.

NIA appointed the Tanzil Ahmed back in 2009 when the investigation agency was attacked. He has a wide experience of Border Security Force as he was posted as a Sub-inspector on the eastern and western border of India.

NIA has released a statement in which the agency has proposed that the assassination is linked with the anti-terror work of Tanzil.