Muslim Man Terrified The Passengers By Voice

Currently, the world is becoming a stereotype and exaggerates every unusual movement or activity. A Muslim man started to raise his voice in a flight by loudly saying the words “Allah-Ho-Akbar”. People got terrified after hearing this weird sound and perceived it as a commencement of a terror attack. The flight was from Abu Dhabi to Manila and the airline was Etihad Airways.

The intention of the man was clearly not to terrorize people but his action was slightly out of the line. He came to the exit door and started to shriek the Adhan with the top of his voice. This is quite a usual drill for a muezzin of a mosque but doing this at airline raises many questions and concerns.

A video of the incident was also uploaded to the Reddit as a man put it with a caption saying that a shouting man on his face. In the description he said that he has seen many praying in flight but never seen such a weirdo.

Such flight of Abu Dhabi to Manila carries Muslim majority passengers but still such acts are extremely terrorizing due to the current existent of ISIS and other militant groups who kills everyone despite of the same religion.