Mustafa Kamal Opening Pak Sar Zameen Party Office in Hyderabad

Mustafa Kamal has started a new political party in Karachi and has announced the new name of the recently named as Pak Sar Zameen at 23rd march on Resolution day. He was the former member of MQM and Senator of the National Assembly.

He said that from 30 years MQM is working in Hyderabad and their governor and ministers still not able to provide a single university to Hyderabad. He said the time of Altaf Hussain is finished now and he should pray for his life after death. He was addressing his new party office at Latifabad. Anees advocate, Raza Haroon, Anees Kaimkhani were also present. Mustafa Kamal said that altaf Hussain abuses party member, army, journalist and anyone who speaks about him. He said Altaf Hussain politics is based on murders of party member so he can do politics on them. He said that altaf Hussain is RAW agent and he has made Karachi the living hell. He has made many young blood to Raw agents.