NAB Official’s Wife Did Wrong to a Salon Owner1

A salon owner from Karachi has accused the NAB Official’s wife for issuing the orders to the Policemen to beat the staff. Actually the wife had lost her jewelry at the place of salon so she used her power to take the revenge by beating the staff.

The owner of Envy Salon, Haya Ali, has proposed that her security guard of the shop was beaten up by the police officials and also they entered the premises without any warrant. Along with this trespassing, they also scared the staff of the salon, she also said.

NAB Official’s Wife Did Wrong to a Salon Owner

To be precise, those trespassers were the government officials that used the Police vehicle for reaching the salon. Haya strongly emphasized on the orders, issued by the Hina, the wife of Assistant Deputy Director of NAB.

NAB Official’s Wife Did Wrong to a Salon Owner2

The confliction started on the Tuesday, when Hina visited the salon of Haya and lost her gold chain. Hina complained to the Haya about the issue but Haya refused her claim as she has already mentioned in a written from that clients must be responsible for the loss of their belongings. In reaction to that Hina started to yell at the staff and start threatening them directly. Haya said that she tried her best to calm her down but she was outrages. She also got physical in her aggressive attitude.

While the argument between the owner, Haya and Hina was going on, Hina started to get physical with the girls’ staff. After this incident, Haya called her security to escort Hina out. In reaction to this escort, Hina punched the Haya on her face.

Hina stayed there and called someone after which, some armed men came inside the shop and badly beat the security guard. They also beat the 14 year old boy too as he was the suspect according to the Hina.