National Girl Friends Day: Friends are someone you choose yourself –  a relation born at such a level that you can not bond with any one else, not even family. Then there are those kind of friends that require your special companionship and with whom you may have a regular relationship. A girl friend can be your best girl buddy with whom you share your secret crushes or she can be some one with whom you are attracted to and are involved in a romantic way. National Girl Friends DayNational Girlfriends Day 2016

When Is National Girl Friends Day?

National Girl Friends Day: Though we don’t really know who invented this fun day, the ‘National Girlfriend Day’ or if they are referring to all  group ladies who would like to have fun with their gang of gal pals or you and your romantic date with a girl friend. Any way, we do know August 1 has been marked on our calendars as the ‘National Girl friend day’ and we require no persuading for acknowledging a day that praises the companionship between ladies. It’s a day that reminds us to hold the esteem of every lady who can be your girl friend or your partner in every walk of your life– lady friends, moms, daughter, sisters, aunties, and so on.

National Girl Friends Day

Girl friends are the ladies who you can simply rely on upon. Whether you approach them to share some secretive hot gossipy news, or to have a comfort friend in times when you do not feel your best and are in dire need of some one to gift you a box of chocolate and cheer you up, or even simply hang out and have small conversation over a cup of coffee or some shared tears watching a romantic movie. Your lady friends are quite dependable in most cases and there to help during such tough times. That is the reason there is a whole day committed to these companions and it is worth it.


As per rumors, the National Girl friend day is not fixed yet .The date depends on the maximum number of tweets and mentions on social networking websites and then a scanner evaluates it in accordance to an algorithmic formula. Last year, the National Girl friends Day happened to fall on August 1 , so now it happens to fall on the same date this year too. So lets not let this day go to waste and cherish every moment of our lives we can spend with the people who are always there for us and are the reason we try to live our life to the fullest.

Let them girls hit off with the best and special moments you ever had with the special kind of union you can not have with any one else. It is always like they say –  ‘Girls just gotta have fun.’