National Water Melon Day

National Watermelon Day

National Watermelon Day: Whether it is the more than 90%  water ( no wonder it is this refreshing in the actual fruit) or the savoring moments of the sweet flavor that blasts in your mouth with each nibble, this special fruit has amazing health benefits with all in one taste and is satisfactorily delegated as the ‘most loved organic product’ of youngsters in the world over. That hard skin of the watermelon around the edge of the pulp gives a smooth composition, simple to hold by even the most youthful of hands, the delicate internal red pulpy fruit is simple to eat by youthful and old alike, and with a succulent burst of flavor, it is enjoyed by most that do eat it. Though it may sound funny, but for some even the seeds are a delight, spitting them has ended up challenges between family, companions and neighbors. Be that as it may, even the seeds have never come in the way of how tasty and healthy this wondrous fruit is by simply giving us motivation to open our mouths for yet another chomp of the succulent morsel.

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When Is National Watermelon Day Celebrated?

National Watermelon day happens to fall on August 3rd. Water melon is the fruit of the summer. With the amount of water it has and with the juice dripping with every bite you savor water melon s a definite fruit to beat the heat that is taking its toll with full force this year.

What is so special about National Watermelon Day and why you should celebrate it?

National Watermelon Day: This day is very important because it is highly valuable and necessary that in this age of processed foods and all kind of inexpensive junk, our children should learn some eating manners and should know how crucial it is for us to try and attain a healthy living lifestyle. Watermelons are a source of complete vitamins and other very essential minerals.

National Watermelon Day 2016
Let your children make the most of all the healthy options available for them with an infusion of fun. Let them have the fruit whole or with a spunky glass of sherbet. Let them throw a water melon costume party, or lick some water melon ice Popsicle. Or whether you gotta give your kids some afternoon snack. Teach your children and the children of your community the value of living and leading a healthy lifestyle and investing in the future healthy you!

Better go have some…. red, pulpy, fruity , juicy fun!