Netflix just Launch in Pakistan

Netflix has made an audacious move by announcing that would be launching service in 130 countries, one of which is Pakistan.

If you don’t know about Netflix already, it is a service that offers a wide variety of TV shows and movies through a monthly subscription to fees. Not only does it host favorites from other networks, Netflix also runs its own series including House of Cards, Orange Is The New Black, Daredevil and the recently released Narcos, all of which have been critically acclaimed and have a huge fan following.

Netflix just Launch in Pakistan but Is it worth your while

The question now is, will it work in Pakistan. There are several reasons why this would not be feasible for Pakistan.

First of all, Pakistan is rather a unique market in several ways. For one thing, people really aren’t fond of paying for anything and seem to believe that if it’s on the Internet it should be free. They do get their fix of video entertainment through free streaming sites and torrents, so for them the first question to answer is “Why should we pay for something when we are already getting it for free?” If Netflix is to be successful in Pakistan, it needs to overcome this cultural barrier.

Another problem with the service is the iffy Internet speed for most Pakistanis which will make HD streaming difficult. Another problem would be data caps on usage, which will restrict Netflix streaming. Even unlimited data connections actually do have a data cap, which means that there is a limit to how much you can stream and watch. Most ISPs abroad do not count Netflix usage in the users’ bills, but who can tell whether or not this will be implemented in Pakistan.

The genuine turnoff is the fact that only a very limited range of programming would be available for the Pakistani market. For example, shows like Breaking Bad and House of Cards would not be available. There is also going to be no Indian content, which alienates a good proportion of users in Pakistan.

Netflix Watch TV shows Movies Anytime

In order to access content not available in your region, you need to be able to configure the Primary and Secondary DNS on your router or other device. Before you do that, make sure you record your current DNS numbers just in case you need them again. Be warned, however, that this is not without dangers. Hackers can and often do set up DNS servers in order to tempt you to offer your private information. There is presently no way to differentiate between legitimate and fraudulent DNS codes, so make sure you get the codes from a trusted DNS website code provider only.

Netflix just Launch in Pakistan Live Website

Remember that before you do go ahead and sign up with Netflix, you should take the trouble to find out what they will be offering in Pakistan and decide accordingly. You can take heart in the fact that their library is growing and they are continuously working to improve their quality, which spells good news for those who want the best possible quality.