The X-Men fans have been moaning the end of the line for their top tier favorite actor Hugh Jackman’s last portrayal as Wolverine. After more than a decade of playing the popular character, the last movie trailer has finally been released and it’s definitely not everyone expected considering some images that were released a few days prior to the trailer release.


The biggest buzz was from the poster that had what seemed like a child’s hand wrapped around those nasty claws of Wolverine. Other images of Professor X (Patrick Stewart) and Logan (Hugh Jackman) looking old and shabby gave an eerie picture of what to expect from the trailer.


The LOGAN trailer shows both Charles Xavier and Logan getting old and losing their powers bit by bit. With a world in which they are supposed to be the only mutants left, they are equally depressed until Professor X tells Logan about a child that was very much like him and needs protection. The girl is been somewhat known as the X-23 or the female version of Wolverine in the comics. She has certain abilities similar to Wolverine as the fight scenes clearly indicate.


Combine all of that with Johnny Cash version of the song ‘Hurt’ and the seemingly possibility that Wolverine is taking out his claws after  a very long time makes this trailer absolutely awesome. Let’s hope that the director carries out the same theme that was displayed through the song throughout the entire movie.