New Political Party by Mustafa Kamal with Anees Qaimkhani

Mustafa Kamal the previous party member of MQM and the former mayor of Karachi has spoken in hard words about the chief of MQM altaf Hussain sahib that he is working against the nation and he doesn’t care about the mohajirs at all. And he also announced the start of a new political ground or party in Karachi with his fellow anees qaimkhaani.

Mustafa Kamal arrived to Karachi airport on 3rd march 2016 and had done press conference in which he blistered upon the chief of mqm altaf Hussain and had confessed many unsolved mysteries behind the stories of Karachi attack. In his 3 hour of press conference he said that he is starting a new political party that doesn’t contain any name yet and he showed the Pakistan flag as symbol of the party. He also said that now is the time to stop and redefine ourselves.

New Political Party by Mustafa Kamal with Anees Qaimkhani

The former mayor also briefed about, why he has left, he said that he was afraid and could not stop what is happening in Karachi and then he decided to take himself to low level and subside from the party.

He accused Altaf Hussain that he wanted establishment to kill some innocent members of the party and to do politics on those dead bodies and he said now is the time to get awareness of the altaf schemes.

He also added the name of saulat mirza and raised a question that who asked him to kill shahid Hamid the chairmen of kesc, saulat mirza thought that he was doing this for his chief and for his party and they will protect him but they disowned him.

He said that in the beginning MQM was a patriotic party but now they are called as RAW AGENTS. And he said that altaf Husain has destroyed a whole generation of youth.